Registering to use the site
Step 1: Choose a registration method
In order to see all of the content and take a course on the site you must first register. There are 3 methods to register: 1) Use the register now button in the slideshow, 2) use the login link, 3) or choose a course from the menu.
Step 2: Create a user account
Fill out a user request form and wait for a confirmation email.
Step 3: Confirm your email address and create a password
Click on the link in the confirmation email and then create a password for your account.You are now registered to use the site! Now you can sign up to take a course.
Signing up to take a course
Step 1: Select the course you are interested in taking
You can do this by 1) clicking on the course offerings menu or 2) the available courses menu to the right.
Step 2: Enroll in the Course
You are enrolled in a course once you select the Take Course button.
Step 3: Review Course Outline
The course outline helps you keep track of where you are in the course and what activities need to be completed. Click on the links to progress through the course.
Step 3: Review Course Materials
1) Watch the video, read the course materials, and practice with some case scenarios. 2) Then select the Take the Quiz button.
Step 4: Take the CME Quiz for Credit
Answer 4 knowledge questions and score 50% or better and 11 evaluation questions.
Step 5: Download your Certificate
Download your certificate of completion.